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Devoted to the coverage of global affairs

Over the course of almost half a century of award-winning journalism, design, and the presentation of important new ideas from the world’s leading thinkers, Foreign Policy has established itself at the forefront of media organizations devoted to the coverage of global affairs.


3 National Magazine Awards 68,000 active print subscribers 6 issues per year 95% / 5% US vs. Global

Now in its 46th year of publication, Foreign Policy has long been the forum for debate for the world’s leading thinkers on international relations and global economics. The magazine is continuing on its fast-growth trajectory in circulation and readership among the most influential leaders with reorganized editorial departments producing features on defense, technology, finance and economics, energy, travel, and books in every issue.



2.5 million unique visitors per month 1.2 on mobile devices 300,000 opt-in e-newsletter subscribers 60% vs 40% US vs. Global

Foreign Policy online presence with responsive design and a newly launched mobile app offers its readers the abilty to access the digital content on any device they choose

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